Dear Johanna,

I can hardly articulate my pleasure and wonder about the concert of improvisation and circle singing you and your choir performed for me at the Benefit Evening given for me recently as part of the Healing Convention in Berlin.
The way in which you added to your improvisation words, sentences, place names and spiritual terms that are of particular significance for me, touched my heart very deeply and I found myself playing them over in my head again and again while closing my eyes and watching again the vibrancy of colour, movement and energy. – It was wonderful. – When I then realized that in fact many of the 20 singers you conducted had only met once and had hardly worked or sung together, it became even more wondrous.
Since then as you know I have attended a couple of your evening groups and a weekend workshop while I´ve been in Berlin and have enjoyed every moment both of the singing and of watching you as a magnificent teacher coax the very best out of every person till they put aside any shyness or embarrassment and find themselves empowered by finding their voice. I myself, not having sung for many years, found myself using not only my voice but also my body in ways I had almost forgotten of.
What a joy and truly a spiritual event! Thank you so much Johanna.

Though my program generally keeps me very busy while I´m traveling I will still try to find a little spot of free time to come and sing and have fun with you and your group.

With warm regards,